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Folder synchroniser
Automatically and in realtime copies updated files from source folder to destination folder for backup purposes. It is also possible to enable bi-directional synchronisation, and/or automatic generation of history of old file versions.

Completed: March 2019

C# async to sync roundtrip code converter
Automatically and in realtime converts asynchronous C# code in one folder to synchronous C# code in another folder for easier and faster debugging purposes. Also, Visual Studio's edit-and-continue works much more often with synchronous code than with asynchronous code. You can also write your code in synchronous C# format and it will be automatically converted to asynchronous C# code in the background.

Completed: March 2019

TCP over dual UDP
The use case for this software is when you can use two network connections (for example, mobile or wifi), but both of them are unstable and have packet loss issues, and you still want to have a stable and fast internet.

It forwards TCP connections using UDP over two network interfaces in parallel. This tool can provide you a reliable fast TCP (for example, for web proxy + SSH) connectivity by constantly duplicating all the packets over two interfaces and retrying slow transmissions on links of any quality.

Completed: March 2019

Middleware for communicating with car monitoring appliances
The software receives logged data from the devices, keeps track of the data received, and asks for more data where necessary in order to fill gaps in logs. Gathered and organized data is forwarded in bigger chunks to the main servers. The service is built such that it is able to keep up many TCP connections simultaneously - the requirement was to service about 100'000 open connections at the same time. For that end we use custom implemented TCP protocol module.

Customer: Track24 Group LLC (now Ecofleet Eesti LLC)
Completed: May 2012, January 2013

Module for managing Estonian books' database
OpenERP-based module for managing database, which collects information about Estonian books, their authors and everything else related.

Customer: Raamatukauplus Krisostomus LLC (bookstore)
Completed: September 2009

A bank link module for Joomla Virtuemart
There are many payment modules available for Virtuemart, for example the Paypal support. But there was yet no support for paying via Estonian banks - Swedbank, SEB, Sampo. It is also possible to add support for Nordea Bank. If You too would like to have a bank link for Your Joomla-based webshop, contact us!

Customer: Schotter Ltd
Completed: August 2009

PHP to C++ converter
A PHP-C++ converter which will translate PHP scripts into equivalent code in C++. Supports PHP4 and PHP5, all data types, including classes and objects. Written from scratch.

Customer: Currently for our private use. You can buy a licence!
Completed: July 2008

Photo database of Estonian-Swedish people
Photo database of Estonian-Swedish people in Estonian, Swedish and English.

Customer: Scandinavistics department in University of Tartu
Completed: March 2005

Information system for buying, selling and maintenance of devices
Information system which enables Mobicom Ltd to register procedures performed with it's clients' devices, together with relevant information. As a result of using this system forms a so-called history, which contains relevant data about every device's life: acquisition, sale, maintenances, parameters etc.

Customer: Mobicom Ltd
Completed: March 2005

Software for training childrens' memory in a scientific study

Customer: University of Tartu
Completed: April 2004

Image upload module for E-Foto (E-Photo) portal
An ActiveX module located in the page where user can upload new images to a gallery. The module allows one to select many files at once and then uploads them all together to the server. The module is universal and can be used also elsewhere for uploading different kind of files.

Customer: Fujifilm / Filmari Ltd
Completed: April 2004
In cooperation with: FreeTimeMedia

Database of partners for (

Customer: (
Completed: November 2003

Software for managing contracts and orders

Customer: Kohila Maja LLC
Completed: June 2003

Software for analysing the calorigram

Customer: EPMÜ Keskkonnakaitse Instituut
Completed: February 2003

Software for archiving radio broadcasts

Customer: Radio Tartu / Radio Elmar
Completed: April 2002
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