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Software for matching people based on their profile similarity
The algorithm uses NLP, SBERT semantic similarity, TF-IDF, and integer programming constraint optimisation to match people and then introduce to each other based on their profiles.

The assignments are computed based on persons' profile similarity and at the same time by considering that personal availability is not an infinite resource. By balancing these two contradicting aspects using a risk-averse strategy the algorithm maximises the satisfaction of everybody as equally as possible.

Customer: EA Hub (Effective Altruism Hub) and AISS (AI Safety Support)
Completed: July 2021, development continues

Climate Arguments Guide search engine
Climate Arguments Guide is a climate change related questions and answers search engine that uses semantic search algorithms in order to find related keywords and sort the results by relevance.

Completed: October 2019
In cooperation with: The data is collected from

LawTec legal semantic search engine
LawTec is a legal text search engine that uses semantic search algorithms in order to find related keywords and sort the results by relevance.
LawTec search engine won first price in Robot Judges Competition in May 2017.

Completed: May 2017, November 2017

Multi-leg search algorithm for buying bus trips
Enables one to search for multi-leg trips for travelling between farther distances, like St. Petersburg and Budapest.
TSolutions is a ticket sales software used by both Estonian local bus transport companies and also by companies offering international travels, like Transdev, Nettbuss, LuxExpress, Tallinn Coach Station, Cargobus and others.
Current algorithm became first in use in LuxExpress ticket sales website and cashier systems.

Customer: Turnit LLC (former T Grupp AS LLC)
Completed: October 2015, February 2016, December 2017
In cooperation with: Uptime LLC

Green Wave software for Windows
We are building a novel kind of Windows software called Green Wave, which intelligently reduces and manages the resource use of background programs. As a result the work on computer is smoother and more responsive, providing better user experience, the user can save time, and the energy use is smaller. The computer is quieter, the temperature is lower, and battery lasts longer.

Completed: Beta version in April 2014
In cooperation with: Negavatt competition

Forecasting algorithm for StaffLogic software
StaffLogic is manpower planning software developed by Nortal (former WebMedia).
Simplify's responsibility in that project was designing and developing the algorithm for forecasting work load / demand at different time points in servicing facilities like bank branches, call centres and supermarkets.

Customer: Nortal LTD (former WebMedia LTD)
Completed: April 2012, January 2013

Compression algorithm for ERS fishering information system's public procurement
The compression algorithm was written as subcontract work for Webmedia who needed it for participating in a public procurement. Webmedia also won that procurement. The efficiency of compression was marked as one of the most important criteria for selecting the winner.
The algorithm uses differential encoding, solid compression and universal codes. In demo version it was able to compress page-long reports to about 7-byte long short messages for sending them from the fishing boats over the costly satellite link.
With the compression algorithm accompanies also an application specific protocol layer which ensures the reliable delivery of the data.

Customer: Ministry of Agriculture
Completed: January 2010, April 2011
In cooperation with: Webmedia LTD

Planning algorithm for StaffLogic software
StaffLogic is manpower planning software developed by Nortal (former WebMedia).
Simplify's responsibility in that project is designing and developing the algorithm for automatic work schedule planning, that is - solving the so-called "timetabling problem" as optimally as possible. That kind of problems belong to the NP-hard complexity class - which means in laymans terms computationally "intractable problems".
Breakthrough in solving the problem was achieved when we engineered a specially tailored algorithm - local search.
The algorithm must consider the competences of employees, different restrictions written in law regarding the work time, nightwork time and free time. It also must consider the hourly rates of employee salaries, eployees' personal preferences, allow each employee to have alternating types of assignments, avoid under- and overhours, and it has to prevent employees from losing their competences due to competence underhours. Finally, it should try to treat every employee as equally as possible.
The algorithm will be used for managing work schedules of teams consisting of hundreds of employees. Currently it is used by Estonian Air Navigation Services LTD and Securitas LTD, and is being installed in Estonian Energy LTD, multiple other orders are pending.

Customer: Nortal LTD (former WebMedia LTD)
Completed: November 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

Software for comparing differences of price lists in Excel
It is an Excel Macro Program which enables the user to conveniently compare two different but similar and voluminous price lists. The software helps one to find out what has changed in the new price list as compared to the old one, what has been removed and which new entries have been inserted. The software highlights changed areas and uncovers the types of the changes.

Customer: Profeld Ehitus LLC
Completed: September 2007
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