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Whether we are creating a calling-card type homepage or an internet-based shop, we always tailor our homepages to meet our clients business-goals. Clients can count on us to provide them with guidance on every step of the way – from generating the concept to the final launching of the site.

Consulting and planning
The key to a successful homepage are the visitors. Utilizing information based on research on client-preferences, we are able to create effective solutions for your company and customers.
Information architecture
The main frame of a homepage is its structure. We provide guidance and help in building  and optimizing the structure of our homepages.
Our clients need not worry about registering their domains and virtual server, we do it for them. Our services include:
- Creating the website address (.com, .net, .org)
- Creating the email addresses etc.
- Configuring visitor statistics
- Configuring password protected pages
In the 21st century, a homepage is often the primary means for creating a first impression of your company. When designing a homepage, we carefully consider and utilise your company image to appeal to the appropriate target group.
We specialize in creating sofware that is customized to the activity processes of our clients.
We program:
- Databases
- Internet-based shops
- Ordering systems
- Special solutions

With the TrueWeb content management system, our clients can manage the whole homepage themselves. To manage the homepage, only basic computer skills are requiered.
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As an alternative, we also offer a full management and maintenance service for those clients who wish to spend their precious time on other ventures.

It is advisable to consider the advertising strategies in the very beginning of the creation of a new homepage, thus making it easier to incorporate these aspects into the general scheme of things. We will register your homepage in the necessary search engines, create banners, pages for campaigns, product-launches on so on.

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